The fifth anniversary edition of “KA&TA Bulgarian wine” has arrived.

We like the number five. We award five stars to Bulgarian wines, which we consider extraordinary. We now expect your grade of fi ve for our effort (and the effort of all those who assisted and supported us)!

Edition 2017 remains true to its principles:

  • Equality – we approached all the wines and wineries with the same diligence and responsibility;
  • Impartiality – the ratings of the wines are determined in good will by the taste, experience and knowledge of the team, without being influenced by the name, size and history of the winery;
  • Comprehensiveness – we strive to cover all Bulgarian wineries and their wines on the market.

With the improvemеnts we did – categorise the wines by price and publish a wine map of Bulgaria, we try to be as helpful in choosing your wine as finding the route to it!


Tzveta Tanovska and Katia Iontcheva